Malaysia gas find for Sapura

There’s a big difference between ‘gas find’ and ‘finds gas’, which I read upon first glance, and triggered an aggressive response.

Dateline 2016-05-31, OE:

SapuraKencana Energy discovered gas in two of the three wells drilled in 2015 within the SK408 block contract area, offshore Malaysia in Sarawak.

The first well Jerun-1 is approximately 5km north of the 2014 Bakong gas discovery. Based on analysis of electric log, pressure and sample data, Jerun-1 has an interpreted gross gas column of about 800m in the primary target reservoir and is a multi-Tcf gas discovery.

Jeremin-1, about 15km west of the F9 gas field encountered a 104m gross gas column, but Putat-1, 20km north of the Cili Padi gas field was confirmed as a dry hole. All wells have been safely plugged and abandoned.

SapuraKencana said Jerun-1 and Jeremin-1 together with the earlier five discoveries within Block SK408 are close to existing infrastructure supplying gas to one of the world’s largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities in Bintulu, Sarawak.

SapuraKencana as operator holds 40% working interest in the project, and partners PETRONAS and Sarawak Shell hold the remaining interest of 30% each.

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