Stay 500 metres away from oil rigs

You talking to us divers?

Dateline 2016-04-10, Borneo Post:

Fishermen have been advised to keep the safe distance or safe zone of 500 metres from oil rigs for their safety when out fishing in deepwater, said Marine Operations Force Sabah/Labuan Commander, ACP Mohamad Madun.

Fishing within the 500-metre safe distance of oil rigs would not only endanger fishermen but also offshore workers, he said.

“The 500-metre safe distance is based on standard SOP which must be observed and abided by all sea users such as fishermen, tour guides and fishing hobbyists.

“This is to ensure the public’s safety as well as safety of crewmembers working in oil rigs,” he said at a press conference during a dialog with local fishermen at SK Pulau Gaya yesterday.

Also present were Petronas General Manager of Sabah and Labuan Regional Office Julita Ontol and SK Pulau Gaya principal Jasmen Elahan.


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