MALAYSIA As jobs dry up, oil and gas workers rely on Petronas’ Pengerang project for a lifeline

As the song says, “So true, funny how it seems..“, and matches my call for classical engineering degrees, rather than needle-sharp niche ones.

Dateline 2016-02-28, Malay Mail Online:

State oil giant Petronas’ flagship project in Johor’s south-eastern tip of Pengerang has become a life raft for many oil and gas workers as contracts and new job opportunities dried up across the board over the past year.

The building of a new oil refinery and petrochemical plant, for which work started in 2012 and started picking up pace beginning last year, has taken in a growing number of oil and gas workers from all over the country.

“I took a pay-cut to work in Pengerang. It was either this or nothing at all for me,” said Thilak Jaganathan, a 28-year-old safety inspector.

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