Malaysia’s Pengerang Terminals Receives First VLCC Clean Oil Shipment

Dateline 2015-10-16,

 Malaysia’s Pengerang Independent Terminals, jointly owned by storage operator Vopak and Dialog Group, received its first very large crude carrier shipment of clean products on Thursday, Vopak said.

The tanker MT Yuan Qiu Hu, which can carry 270,000 tonnes of clean oil products, was chartered by oil trader Trafigura to load gasoil at Pengerang, industry sources said.

The tanker left Yeosu, South Korea on Sept. 26 and arrived at Pengerang on Thursday, Reuters ship tracking data showed. It is likely heading to West Africa, traders and shipbrokers said, although this could not be confirmed.

While the Pengerang terminal – which started operations in March – has received hundreds of vessels of various sizes offering both clean oil products and crude oil, this is the largest shipment for clean oil products, Vopak said.

Located in the southern state of Johor, just across the Johor Strait from the Singapore trading hub, the Pengerang site can hold about 1.3 million cubic metres (cbm) of storage for crude oil and oil products.

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