MNPC To Complete Public Survey Report On Nuclear Energy By Year-end

We look forward to backyard nuc reactors. When’s that cold fusion floodgate gonna open? BTW, Wolfram Alpha says we consume 118.5 billion kWh/yr.

Dateline 2015-09-10, Bernama:

Malaysia Nuclear Power Corp (MNPC) will finalise its public opinion survey on nuclear as an energy resource and to complete the report by year-end.

MNPC Director, Nuclear Power Programme Development, Jamal Khaer Ibrahim, said the survey found that over 70 per cent of its 2,400 respondents were uncertain about the viability of the new resource.

“We will embark on the public communication exercise and conduct it continuously,” he told reporters on the sidelines of Second Nuclear Energy and Opportunities in the Nuclear Supply Chain Seminar 2015 here today.

Earlier, he presented a paper on the Economic Transformation Programme and the need for diversification of energy resources.

The government set up the MNPC in 2011 to implement a nuclear energy programme, with the delivery of a two-gigawatt power plant.

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