Malaysia will be Asia’s biogas hub by 2030

Time to dust of those old cvs, and update your chem knowledge.

Dateline 2015-04-29, The Chemical Engineer IChemE:

MALAYSIA’S minister of science, technology and innovation, Datuk Ewon Ebin, has told a major conference that the country will be Asia’s biogas hub by 2030.

Datuk Ewon Ebin was speaking at the opening ceremony of the Biogas Asia Pacific Forum 2015, held from 28–29 April 2015 in Selangor, Malaysia, where industry majors met to discuss development strategies in the Asia Pacific Forum. Topics this year included commercialisation, feedstock management, anaerobic digestion and biogas upgrading. The minister said that Malaysia will become the region’s lead biogas exporter to the global market.

According to The Star, Datuk Ewon Ebin said that Malaysia has huge potential biogas resources, particularly from its palm oil industry, which covers 5m ha of land. Biogas generated from palm oil mill effluent can be upgraded to fuel cars and industrial applications, although Malaysia must aim to prove the viability of the upgrading process, he added. As the industry adopts biotechnology, he expects production to grow. At present, the industry is worth RM1.46bn (US$410.1m).

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