Gas pipeline may be entry point for illegals

Oi, it’s my idea to stuff things into transborder pipelines to allow for, ahem, liberalised, GST-free trade:

Dateline 2015-04-10, Bornoe Post:

The Sabah Sarawak gas pipeline route could be another way illegal immigrants are entering Sarawak from Sabah via Miri, said state Immigration director Datu Robert Lian.

The pipeline links Kimanis, Beaufort and Sipitang, Sabah to Lawas, Baram and Bintulu. Robert said he would get villagers in the area to report the movements of those who are not locals near their kampungs or longhouses.

He said Miri Airport could also be another entry point as rural air service flights from Lawas are not subject to immigration checks.

“Our Immigration officers stationed at Miri Airport are now beefing up checks on passengers from Lawas to Miri and Miri back to Lawas at Miri Airport to ensure that there are no loopholes for illegals to come to Miri,” he told a press conference on Wednesday.

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