IEM Shout Out – Conversion of Organic Wastes and Unused Biomass to Valuable Materials and Energy Using Sub-Critical Water

This is a shout out for the IEM. The Chemical Engineering Technical Division (know as CETD to friends) will be having a talk on Wed afternoon, 6th May, 2015, by Dr. Hiroyuki Yoshida .

Dr. Hiroyuki Yoshida obtained B. Eng. Degree in 1969 and Dr. Eng. in 1977 in Chemical Engineering from Osaka Prefecture University, Japan. He worked for this University from 1974 to 2013. He became a professor in 1995. From 2013, he has been working for Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, UPM as a contract professor.

Sub-Critical water is high temperature and high pressure water but lower than those of critical points (647 K, 22.1 MPa). It shows three typical characteristics. Firstly, sub-critical water (sub-CW) has a great hydrolysis power at around 520 K and organic solids quickly decompose into low-molecular-weight valuable materials. Secondly, sub-CW works as a strong solvent and can extract oil almost perfectly at once. Thirdly, when the temperature is higher than about 600 K, hydrolysis power becomes small and pyrolysis power becomes great. The pyrolysis reaction can convert organics to liquid oil (alternative heavy crude oil) and/or solid char.

You can register here, and download the brochure here.

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