Country’s third O&G supply base to get RM100m investment

Kinda like Vung Tau, where there is the income generating area, and the income spending area near each other.

Dateline 2015-02-24, The Sun:

TB Supply Base Sdn Bhd (TBSB), which has received interest from over 100 companies to utilise its facilities in Tok Bali, Kelantan, will spend RM100 million in 2015 for civil works and to build facilities such as additional warehouses, Customs and Immigration building, new offices, canteen, rigging loft, crew jetty and helipad.

TBSB is ultimately owned by Kelantan royalty Tengku Rozanna Petri and Tengku Rozlynda Petri Tengku Mohd Nasrun, through Forlenza Holdings Sdn Bhd. Forlenza through Matrix Reservoir Sdn Bhd, owns a 99.99% stake in TBSB. TBSB’s directors include Tengku Datuk Mohamad Rizam Tengku Abdul Aziz (also the chairman), Tengku Rozanna Petri and Shankar Ray Shi-Wan.

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