Figuring out the South China Sea

Dateline 2014-11-02, Deccan Chronicle:

The issues surrounding the South China Sea have been under the radar of the Asian public for a long time. Except the scholars and people who are directly concerned with it do not seem to have any interest in the region.  The awareness of it, in the South Asian region is limited. The South China Sea has generated a lot of interest in the recent past. Estimation of the presence of Oil and natural gas, the maritime route and security of the nations in the region are just a few brow-raising issues that have put the spotlight back in the area in the recent times.
The SCS is best known for its disputed boundaries. There are over 250 tiny islands, reefs, and sand bars that form part of the South China Sea.

These islands are grouped into a few archipelagoes namely Paracel, Spratly, Paratas, Macce-lesfield and Scarborough Shoal.  China, Brunei, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam share their borders on the SCS.

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