Petrostate myths; Is cheap fuel a blessing or curse?

The article has lousy formatting, making you give your undivided attention to understand it… wait a minute…

Dateline 2014-10-15, The Malaysian Reserve:

It is not an exaggeration to claim that 20th century civilisations are hydrocarbon-based. Maybe many are not aware of this fact of how we are as a species is so dependent, or to be more precise: “addicted” towards this “Black Gold”. We eat, sleep and live by consuming and using petroleum.

In the age where modern science and technology reign supreme, as observed by renowned historian of technology Lewis Mumford, mankind now live in the so-called Paleotechnic age where every nook and cranny of our lives have been mechanised. Modern food production requires huge machineries and rampant usage of pesticides in agribusiness. This has made almost 90% of our food to have direct and indirect linkages to petroleum.


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