Labuan Chinese Chamber rejoices over revival of mega oil-gas project

Revival? When was the first attempt?

Daily Express, dateline 2014-03-25:

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce (LCC) here has expressed support for the revival of the USD2 billion oil and gas investment on Pulau Daat, off Labuan.

Its President Datuk Wong Kii Yii said this was because the mega project would definitely boost the local economy.

He hoped this time the project would materialise as Labuan had been waiting for it for four years.

“Labuan also has had no significant big projects in recent years as everything went to Sabah,” he said, Monday.

He said the proposed investment would complement Malaysia’s existing oil and gas industry in Miri, Terengganu, Bintulu and Labuan.

A substantial part of Malaysia’s vision of becoming a regional major player in oil and gas will be materialised when Johor’s Rapid and Pulau Kuraman and other proposals come on stream.


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