IEM Shout Out – Overview of Gas Turbine Overhaul in Power Plant

This is a shout out for the IEM. My Technical Division will be having a talk on 15th March 2014. It’ll be at 9 am (makan-makan at 8:30) at Wisma IEM.

A Gas turbine is an essential machine in power plants to drive generators for producing electricity. To maintain its efficiency and reliability, a planned overhaul is required. The overhaul is carried out in the plant in a specified duration involving specialists, manpower, material and equipment while maintaining high safety standard. Thus, this overview talk will explain the participants on the basic activities involved in gas turbine overhaul in a Power Plant. It will cover the preparation, execution, commissioning, and closing out of the overhaul including the gas turbine main components.

The above will be presented by Ir. Roznan, who has been working in the power plant industry for the past 9 years as Technical Support, Project Manager, Contract Management and Customer Service.

You can register for the event here, and get the flyer here.

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