PETRONAS disproves notion Malaysia can produce cheaper petroleum

Really? Heck, they why do they complain when us Malaysian first class engineering companies don’t charge third-world prices? or when we want to pay our slaves … er, shining technical staff, the same pay grade as them?

The Malay Mail, dateline 2013-09-04:

Petronas today clarified there is a common misconception that Malaysia will be able to produce cheaper petroleum products such as gasoline and diesel if it were to produce and consume its own crude oil.

However, the national oil corporation said that the Tapis blend of crude oil found in Malaysian waters was the most expensive crude feedstock.

As such, by exporting its Tapis blend and importing the lesser quality sour crude for its own domestic consumption, Malaysia has benefitted further by reaping higher for its crude oil natural resource while ensuring energy security for its own domestic consumption.


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