Komited Malaysia to distribute MIRA gas cylinders

From the Malaysian Reserve, dateline 2013-07-29:

Oil and gas company NGC Energy Sdn Bhd has appointed drug-intervention community- based organisation Komited Malaysia (formerly known as DIC Pahang) as subdistributors for MIRA Gas cooking gas cylinders, while launching its exclusive edition Getting-to-Zero Firesafe Fire Extinguisher in aid of the Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF).

According to NGC Energy Sdn Bhd GM Julianna Kamaruddin, as a result of its appointment, Komited Malaysia will be responsible for distribution and sales of the MIRA cooking gas cylinders in the Kuantan region, with up to RM3 from the sales of each cylinder going to the organisation.


2 Responses to Komited Malaysia to distribute MIRA gas cylinders

  1. Lyn says:

    Contacted this 016 238 5616 at 5.30pm for gas delivery today, promised to deliver latest by 6.30pm, however, I waited until 7pm still no delivery then I called again but nobody pickup the call, I waited in the hall until 7.30pm and made another call, still unable to contact. From 7.45pm until 8.30pm. I keep calling the same number to confirm the delivery status, the phone was switched off!

    I’m hungry, angry, disappointed with this Mira gas company services. If you are unable to deliver, why promised in the 1st place, then why switch off the phone without informing me that you are unable to make it today? You have wasted my 3 hours time sitting here waiting for nothing!

    I would like to ask Mira Gas, is this the best service that you have committed ?

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