NGOs to meet PM over Kelantan oil royalty rights

Suspicious, really? Noooooo…

Dateline 2012-09-22:

A coalition of pressure groups plans to hand the prime minister a petition over the Kelantan oil royalty issue carrying 150,000 signatures on October 3, the news portal Harakahdaily reported yesterday.

Early last month, Putrajaya set up a panel to resolve the long-standing issue that is expected to be a major campaign point for the PAS-led Kelantan state government in the coming general election.

The Kelantan government had previously been suspicious about the Najib administration’s forming of the oil royalty panel so close to the polls and asked for it to finish the probe in three months instead of the earlier planned six months.

On October 3, a convoy lead by the coalition calling itself “Royalti” will converge at the Federal Court in Putrajaya to pledge their support for a fair distribution of oil royalty to Kelantan.


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