Shout Out – Sepanjang Jalan Kenangan – 2nd Gala Reunion MRSM Muar 2011

Okay, this has nothing to do with engineering. It’s a special occasion, and for some reason people expect me to bring in the crowds. So (deep breath)…

Tarikh dan masa: 14 May · 10:30 – 13:30

Tempat: Pusat Sumber Ilmu
8:30 Pelajar Form 5 berkumpul
9:00 Ceramah Kerjaya
10:30 Bersurai

Tempat: Dewan Dato Onn
11:00 Pendaftaran bekas pelajar, guru2, staff, ex-guru & ex-staff
12:00 Ucapan Tuan Pengetua
Ucapan YDP Muafakat
Ucapan Presiden Ansara Muar
Ucapan wakil presiden Ansara Malaysia (jika ada)
Jamuan Makan
Penyampaian cenderahati kepada ex-pengetua
Penyampaian sumbangan dari Ansara Muar kepada Pengetua
1:30 Solat Zuhur
2:00 Mesyuarat Agung Ansara Muar (jika diteruskan)
4:30 Solat Asar / Bersurai


Career talk might be divided into groups based on career so it won’t be a formal speech.. something like talk and sharing about work experiences with the students so that they get more clear about the career.

  1. Bekas Pelajar: RM50.00
  2. Isteri/Suami Bekas Pelajar: RM40.00
  3. Kanak-kanak (7 – 15 tahun) : RM20.00

Bayaran (After April 15, 2011):

  1. Bekas Pelajar: RM60.00
  2. Isteri/Suami Bekas Pelajar: RM45.00
  3. Kanak-kanak (7 – 15 tahun) : RM20.00

Sponsor Cikgu: RM50 seorang

Payment: (Please SMS to respective account holder after transfer, Thank you)

  • CIMB: 1216-00152-38-052 (Hasfa Hassan 013-342835)
  • MAYBANK: 114160672016 (Masriaty Mansur 019-3473585)
  • MAYBANK: 155-05022-7732 (Ahmad Luthfi b. Musa 019-7301399) * until Friday April 22 only!

Sekiranya anda hendak mempromosi service atau barang jualan syarikat anda pada 2nd Gala Reunion (14 Mei 2011), pihak Maktab berbesar hati menyediakan ruang khemah di padang letak kereta didepan DDO untuk tujuan itu. Sila maklumkan kepada AJK Penyelaras.

Untuk keterangan lanjut, boleh hubungi:

  • NAZLEN JABAR (016-7810710)
  • HASFA HASSAN (013-3428352)
  • MASRIATY MANSUR (019-3473585)
  • AHMAD LUTHFI (019-7301399)

atau email:
atau facebook: Ansara Muar

6 Responses to Shout Out – Sepanjang Jalan Kenangan – 2nd Gala Reunion MRSM Muar 2011

  1. jar jar binks says:

    Can all the ex-students attend? Jar jar was the 03/04 batch, how come jar jar does not get any alerts on all the school events organized by ansara muar?do jar jar have to register for anything?

    • Wata says:

      jar jar binks: meese not knowse. All ex-students can attend. I have given up on the ansara mailing list. Most communications come via facebook. Anyhow, welcome and see you at the event.

    • Wata says:

      jar-jar: you can register by letting one of the organising committee know, and send them the attendance fee. Please invite more of your contacts, we were trying to hit 500 alumni (that doesn’t include the families).

  2. Jar Jar Binks says:

    Owh noyy!! the date and timing is not good. Jar Jar will be in Tioman to get his Diving license!woohoo!

    Anyway, jar jar will try to inform all the ex muarian about this event. We have one here in Technip Mech. dept, not aware about other dept though.

    p/s: Jar jar misses ‘mak cik hidung’ of Dewan Selera (DS). Always gave jar jar extra ayam grg. Dont know if she existed during wata’s time haha. Also Mr Saedon Busra for his stories during account class.

  3. zack says:

    may i ask one question..who is the president of ansara malaysia..

    • Wata says:

      zack: Not concerned, I worry about the local chapter, let my amir sort things out with his boss. Even the Ansara site focuses on chapters, not on the Central Committee. If you find out who my leader is, let me know.

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