From Bernama – Success Runs Deep In Malaysia’s Oil & Gas Sector

If success runs deep, use some of that money to allow our universities to instill a sense of appreciation of engineering in their students, as opposed to creating automatons that give blank (or panicked) looks when asked a tech question.

Dateline 2011-02-24:

As Malaysia enters a new phase in its oil and gas industry, the country received heartening news in mid-February with a large discovery off the shores of eastern Sarawak.

“This is very good news for a sector that is facing declining annual production and the prospect of running out of hydrocarbons that fuel its economy in a space of 15 years and its Economic Transformation Programme (ETP),” said the Oxford Business Group (OBG), a business intelligence consulting group.

It said the discovery should help to temporarily halt Malaysia’s slow declining oil and gas output, dovetailing nicely with moves to boost exploration and production from marginal and deep-water prospects.

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