Looking for a Technical Writer

I’m looking for one.  Respond in your comment with a summary of your experience.

If you need to ask what one is, you needn’t apply.

7 Responses to Looking for a Technical Writer

  1. Soha says:

    So, what level of technical writing? Which field and what target audience?

  2. JabbatheHutt says:

    A technical write within the oil and gas industry is one that can write operating manual. This is a very specific and special field.

    Put it this way, when you buy a toy train with flashing lights from toy”r”us, you expect a little manual which tells you the hazard, what comes with the toy, what do you need to have to start the toy train, how to put it together, put in the batteries, how to start-it, how to keep the toy, maintain, and dispose it when you finish.

    You need to write that also for a very very very expensive toy (i.e. an offshore platform, a LNG/LPG plant etc).

    You must have the following experience;
    1. Process engineering design knowledge
    2. Pre-commissioning/commissioning experience
    3. Plant maintenance and operating experience

  3. sohas says:

    That’s very specialised! Just a question – how fast does the technology evolve in the oil and gas industry?

    • Wata says:

      Sohas: topsides technology doesn’t evolve very fast. Reservoir related research and technology moves faster, as gains in this field usually translate to bigger rewards.

  4. ahmad radzi says:

    is this position is still open? i would like to apply for the post and to whom that i will sent my resume?

  5. Mark Swann says:

    If you still require a professional technical writer please contact me at Mark@ras-cs.com. We are a technical writing company that specializes in Oil & Gas technology writing. We work on a contract basis supporting each project as it evolves and is completed.

    Best regards,

    Mark Swann
    Ph: 713-305-6143 (US)

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