Shell prepared for bumpy ride

Dateline 2016-06-16, Daily Express:

Amid the challenging global oil price environment that has forced oil and gas industry players to restructure, oil giant Shell remains keen in promoting local talents to meet future demand of skilled manpower.

Although prediction of recovery is impossible to make, the company that has a proud 125-year history in the country believes the answer to the chicken and egg question is all about balance and readiness.

Oil and gas companies including Shell have been forced to restructure in reaction to challenging oil price.

But there have been questions how they would refill their need for skilled workforce if and when signs of recovery begin to show.

“If you look at the broader environment, every company has gone through some form of restructuring.

Every oil and gas company has gone through that cycle whether last year or are still going through it now.

And that’s just a reflection of a lower volume of work,” said Ian Lim, Sabah Shell Malaysia General Manager.

“But the danger is that in times like this people stop investing in talent and training. Not so much the oil and gas companies but the vendors and the government and vocational schools.

And typically what happens when the market picks up we start to award jobs, vendors start to look for people who are qualified. The danger you get there is you won’t get Sabahans or Malaysians but the work needs to be done then you increase your wage cost by looking for international (workers).


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