Saturday Star 2009-08-15 – Job Opportunities

  • First off, Synergy is looking for 5 lead safety engineers and 3 lead process engineers. Visit the Synergy website for contact details. And safety specialists. Ah, heck. If you have more than 5 years experience in O&G, apply. If you have less than 5, send a donation to the offshore account, and still get abuse.
  • Siemens “I won’t sell the future for quick profits” is looking for a Sales Manager, AP and Bid Manager, AP, presumably looking for some kind of profit. Send email here or apply via the website.
  • QP, ever dependable QP, is looking for a Maintenance Planning Engineer, Head Tech Support, Mech Eng, Rot Eng. Send email here, or visit the QP website. Did I tell you that QP’s SWB (salary, wages, benefits) package is something to be sneezed at?

Hmm, no particular place to recommend this week. So, let’s go back to the ever faithful Chee Meng’s. Last fling before Ramadhan?

6 Responses to Saturday Star 2009-08-15 – Job Opportunities

  1. Hansac says:

    What do you mean by “something to be sneezed at”?

    Does it mean
    a. laughable/pittance?
    b. extremely good?

  2. JabbatheHutt says:

    you’d be lucky they pay enough for pack lunch

  3. joe says:

    there are ex exxon and ex petronas people who are happy with QP packages, so i hope your message doesn’t discourage some from applying

  4. Jabbathehutt says:

    It just get worst. Early birds got a good package.

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