First Time – Firefly to Kerteh

This week, I took my first flight on a Firefly flight to Kerteh. Not bad, I left on the 6:30am (red eye!) from Subang and returned on the 6:20pm. Managed to get a whole day’s worth of work in there.

One amusing thing I saw was when we were deboarding the aircraft. The stewardess solidly plants herself halfway down the aisle, and allows the rear seating passagers to debark via the back door (there is no front exit) before letting the front seating passengers depart. I guess they are afraid of tipping over the plane if the front passengers left the plane first?

Also, cargo is stored between the cockpit and the passeger aisle. Again, weighing down the front of the plane to prevent tip tipping back.

The flight schedule follows the former MHS charted flight, with 2 flights a day, and no flights Friday, Saturday or Sunday, though rumour has it that this will change soon.

I’d get Firefly to tie up with the local Kerteh hotels, and package the flight and hotel ala Berjaya.

Also, when they going to sponsor Kampung Kuantan?

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