Handphones Offshore – or Not

I used to think that handset use philosophies on offshore assets was standardized.  Then I quit EMEPMI, and the world became more interesting.

At Kerteh airport, you are not allowed to take your cellphone offshore. Full stop, carriage return, end of story. If you have nowhere else to drop it off, there’s a shop there that will hold on to your phone for RM5/phone/dropoff. It’s safe, but the service is not affiliated with the oil companies.

At Talisman’s helibase at Pengkalan Chepa, you are allowed to take your handphone offshore, but they will take the battery out so that you don’t accidentally turn the phone on during the chopper flight. There’s nothing to stop you from turning the phone on once you reach your destination, but don’t expect a line out there.

Anyone know Carigali Hess’s or Shell’s philosophy? Or East Malaysia, esp when you only get on a boat to travel to work, not a chopper.

4 Responses to Handphones Offshore – or Not

  1. Jabbathehutt says:

    where jabba is:

    You can use HP on facilities (not production area), coverage an most offshore platform.

  2. Wata says:

    Jabba: cool. I used to think one of the reasons they didn’t allow handphones offshore was that the operator had full control of information flow if an incident occured, i.e. no twittering of a fire / explosion / bad food.

  3. JabbatheHutt says:

    one a big oil company, some worker actually got pissed because he didn’t got paid overtime, and he just jumped on a fishing boat and went AWOL. it was a big investigation, and issue.

  4. io says:

    I went to Tukau by boat and they don’t allow hp onboard. But there are many who smuggle it i think. Because you can get signal from Tukau, West Lutong, and few other platforms.

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