In Imitation of Manneken Pis

I present in imitation of that famous little boy, platform pis, a sight to behold in Pasir Gudang

Platform Pis

Platform Pis

6 Responses to In Imitation of Manneken Pis

  1. wetlandstom says:

    What a great model.

  2. rudy says:

    awat dia tak keluaq minyak ka, gas ka,, keluaq ayaq wat pa, pi juai kat singapo nu laahh

  3. mohd faisal says:

    Creative !!

  4. zzeed says:

    SFDIII concept? hm… we don’t seem to hv good experience with sfdIIIs… heheh

  5. JabbatheHutt says:

    hmmm, that’s the produced water overboard connection or shooting from the fire monitor (at fishermen)….

  6. jai says:

    the entrance of the ‘late’ sime darby engineering yard

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