Saturday Star 2008-10-25 – Job Opportunities

Hmm, not many oil and gas ads this edition.

  • Synergy Oil and Gas Engineering is recruiting fresh chemical engineering graduates, or those with around 1 year experience. CVs may be sent to Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.
  • Saudi Aramco is looking for people. Drilling Eng, Drilling Supv, Production and Facilities Specialist, NGL Process Eng Specialist, Upstream Crude Processing, Process Modeling Specialist (I aspire to this), O&G Prod/Planning Specialist, Process Eng Specialist. You can send your CVs to (so that’s what Melorita does), or Contact Armand Abdullah at +60379542764. Drop my name, please.
  • Talisman is looking for a QA/QC Safety Engineer, HS&E Integrated Management System Engineer.
  • Hey, Awan Inspirasi is looking for A&C Rotorcraft Engineers, and Avionic Engineers. They are the competitors to MHS. Please support them, then maybe we will get some value out of the whole chopper industry. CVs to be sent to

How was the PETRONAS open day last weekend?

Captive Piranhas

Captive Piranhas

3 Responses to Saturday Star 2008-10-25 – Job Opportunities

  1. jabbathehutt says:

    Synergy is a good company. the last i heard, they were going international.

    Knowing the BIG MAN of synergy (for the girls, yes, he is tall, dark and handsome… but a bit flabby on the tummy) in Kuala Lumpur, he’s got big plan coming up.

  2. heed says:

    as position for Electrical Engineers, huh>?

  3. Hans says:

    PETRONAS Open Day – As usual no positive response.
    Maybe another visit to Melorita for Aramco employment.

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