2020 Budget opens up new investment opportunities, says JPDC

December 14, 2019

Dateline 2019-10-12, Malay Mail:

The 2020 Budget tabled by Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng yesterday will present a new economic direction for Malaysia, providing catalysts for the country to compete in the global stage, said Johor Petroleum Development Corporation Berhad (JPDC).

According to its chief executive Mohd Yazid Ja’afar, the budget also provides equal economic opportunities to all its citizens, ensuring the existence of physical infrastructure and facilitating a system to support economic growth.

The focus on the development of the digital economy and the provision of highly skilled workforce, particularly in the technical and technology-related areas will also be a factor in attracting foreign investment, and opening up many opportunities for new industries to be based in Malaysia, he said.

‘Diversification is key to Malaysia OGSE companies’ long-term survival

March 15, 2019

And congratulations Mohd Yazid Ja’afar .

Dateline 2019-02-08, Sarawak Tribune:

Malaysian oil and gas services and equipment (OGSE) companies must diversify their businesses to remain competitive amidst signs of greater market volatility in 2019, said Malaysia Petroleum Resources Corporation (MPRC).
Deputy chief executive officer Mohd Yazid Ja’afar said while oil prices had risen since the beginning of the year, concerns about a supply glut and weakness in the global economy would keep prices on a tight leash, as evident from the general cautiousness of global oil companies and their continuous push for cost efficiencies.

No ‘Plan B’ for Pengerang

August 26, 2014

Did I say that Mohd Yazid Jaafar is my senior?

Dateline 2014-06-23, The Rakyat Post:

With the main purpose of development at Pengerang – as an oil storage terminal – already realised, the major spillover benefits to the still-underdeveloped corner of southern Johor would have not taken off if Petronas hadn’t agreed to invest there recently.

“There was no ‘Plan B’ for major investments in the area,” said Johor Petroleum Development Corporation (JPDC) chief executive officer Mohd Yazid Jaafar at a recent media briefing.

“Without commitment from Petronas, development plans for the whole Pengerang area could have been badly delayed. We could have lost out to other projects about to take off in Singapore and Indonesia.”

Mohd Yazid explained that there is just a small window of opportunity over the next few years for Pengerang to attract petroleum majors and strategic downstream industry investors.