Malaysia’s Sarawak seeks investors to find new onshore plays

December 14, 2020

Dateline 2020-11-20, Energy Voice:

The eastern Malaysian state of Sarawak, home to the country’s LNG export complex, will soon open onshore acreage for bidding, as it hopes to revitalise its onshore oil and gas industry after taking regulatory control from the federal government.

Since the 1970s, significant oil and gas reserves have been discovered offshore Sarawak, which have helped supply one of the world’s largest LNG plants in Bintulu.

Although there has been significant exploration onshore since the 1980s, results have been modest. Still, Sarawak remains hopeful that new investment will help prove fresh commercial reserves by applying new technologies.

Moreover, Sarawak, after winning a recent battle against the federal government and Petronas for greater control of its natural resources, will now start offering onshore acreage through open auction, as well as direct negotiation. Two onshore blocks, covering the Miri and Limbang, as well as Lawas areas – SK 433 and SK 334 – will be open for bidding in the coming months, the state announced on 30 October 2020.

Ba’Kelalan people demand dialogue with Petronas

March 14, 2015

Tell me if I’m wrong, but isn’t one point of contention that the local people are habituating PETRONAS’ right of way land illegally? And because this is a sensitive issue, PETRONAS is in a lose-lose situation, up the proverbial creek without a poodle?

Dateline 2015-01-06, FMT:

The people in Ba’Kelalan, a stone’s throw from the Sabah-Sarawak interstate gas pipeline, are demanding a promised report and dialogue on the explosion in June last year at a section between Lawas and Long Sukang. They have lived in fear for their safety ever since that day.

The fiery explosion, heard some 12km away in Lawas, forced a temporary shutdown of the RM4 billion-project.

They do not rule out public protests should Petronas start shipping gas via the pipeline next month to South Korea and Japan as the local grapevine has it.

Ba’Kelalan Assemblyman Baru Bian, raising the issue, disclosed that the soil where the explosion occurred may not be firm as it was “still moving”.

“We are certainly concerned about our safety, especially the villagers in my village which is just 3km from the project,” said Baru who confirmed that he would support any public protests against the pipeline. “Some parts of the pipeline were exposed above ground.



Petronas to conduct safety measure in affected Lawas pipeline

August 12, 2014

You mean, there are no safety measures as of now? Be alarmed.

Dateline 2014-06-13, Malay Mail:

Petronas is conducting (a) blowdown as a safety measure prior to start repair work following the recent fire at the Sabah-Sarawak Gas Pipeline (SSGP) in Lawas, Sarawak.

Petronas Sarawak Regional Office in a statement here said the process to completely remove residual gas in the affected section of the pipeline is scheduled tomorrow from noon to 3pm, near Merapok.

It said relevant authorities including the Fire and Rescue Department, Royal Malaysian Police and Lawas District Office have been notified.

“Members of the public are advised not to be unduly alarmed upon hearing continuous loud sound throughout the process.

2,000 people now live in fear – Baru Bian wants Petronas to explain Lawas explosion

August 5, 2014

Dateline 2014-06-11, Malaysia Chronicle:

Sarawak PKR chief has demanded Petronas conduct “a full and thorough” investigation into the cause of the explosion of its gas pipeline in Lawas earlier today and make their findings public to placate the fears of people living along the pipeline.

Baru Bian said some 2,000 people living along, or close to, the pipeline in the most northern district of the state are now living in fear as the assurance the national petroleum company gave them before they constructed the pipeline years ago is now all very hollow.

“Is this pipeline safe. To me, it is unsafe. To them, it is very unsafe following what happened today.