Petikan dari “Tuah Jebat Di PETRONAS” – Renungan Mohd Idris Mansor

September 8, 2015

Tentang ‘Seven Sisters’:

Dunai hari ini (2005) adalah amat berlainan. 30 tahun dulu, minyak dan gas merupakan domain beberapa syarikat minyak, iaitu “The Seven Sisters.” Apabila PETRONAS ditubuhkan, kami sebagai pekerja-pekerja yang diambil berkhidmat, secara tidak langsung, mejadi orang-orang yang paling aktif tentang industri minyak dan gas. Jadi, kami dipertanggungjawabkan dengan perundingan-perundingan yang perlu dibuat. Selain itu, apabila bos telah memanggil anda dan berkata, “kamu pergi laksanakannya,”anda akan berkata, “baik, tuan!” Anda tidak boleh berkata, “maaf tuan, saya tidak tahu bagaimana.”

Wish my staff were as enthusiastic for the bleeding edge.

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Extract from “The Will to Compete” – Cooking Gas

July 29, 2015

About Retail Cooking Gas:

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) for household use was initially marketed by PETRONAS in 12kg cylinders whilst the 50kg cylinders were for industrial use. Dagangan’s survey indicated that on average a household would use 12kg of LPG per month for cooking purposes thus giving the 12kg cylinders a slight advantage in cash outlay as opposed to Shell’s 14kg cylinders….

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Books – Young Turks, Tuah Jebat di PETRONAS, Datuk Ismail Hashim

September 7, 2013

You ask, I find.

I have copies of the following books written by Datuk Ismail Hashim, formerly of PETRONAS.

Note: The Young Turks had been in storage for a while. The hard cover and spine are slightly damaged. Please note that these are not 2nd hand books, just previously unloved ones. Give them a good home.

  1. The Young Turks of PETRONAS (hardcover) – RM90 / USD 30 (can only be bought together with another book). Sold out! Keep an eye out for restock (or after our dumpster diving activities)
  2. Tuah Jebat di PETRONAS (hardcover) – RM90 / USD30
  3. The Will to Compete (hardcover) – RM90 / USD30
  4. Pantang di Cabar (hardcover) – RM90 / USD 30


Young Turks is the author’s view of the establishment of PETRONAS, whereas The Will is the author’s reminiscing of the establishment of PETRONAS Dagangan.

The books would be of interest to:

  1. Persons interested in the establishment of PETRONAS.
  2. Persons interested in the establishment of local companies.
  3. Persons interested in the history of oil & gas in Malaysia.

Cost includes local postage, via Poslaju. Overseas, contact me for details.

Payment can be made to me:

  1. Maybank 114357143086, Razmahwata bin Mohamad Razalli
  2. PayPal, add another RM5 per book (PayPal transaction fees)

Once payment, is made, send me a copy of the transaction report, together with your name, mailing address, phone number (PosLaju will need it if they can’t find your address), and email. Since I’m not doing this full-time, I’ll fulfill your purchases within one week.