INSTEP: Transforming the Landscape of Technical Learning, Certification

October 20, 2016

Dateline 2016-09-05, Rigzone:

Institut Teknologi Petroleum PETRONAS (INSTEP) is a state-of-the-art technical training institute owned by PETRONAS Technical Training Sdn Bhd (PTTSB). Established in 1981, INSTEP was set-up with the aim to accelerate human capital development to support the growth of PETRONAS as well as Malaysia’s oil & gas industry. Currently, the training institute also serves international clients from more than 15 countries as part of its aspiration to be “A Leading Partner of Choice in Oil and Gas Technical Learning and Certification”.

INSTEP’s learning experience and module offerings have since transformed with the launch of the integrated Upstream Downstream Training Plant (UDTP) on March 27, 2014, making a phenomenal shift in learning. Unlike a commercial plant, the UDTP, first of its kind in the world, simulates real plant scenario to enhance the competency of learners through hands-on training and experiential learning for safe, efficient and responsible exploitation of hydrocarbon resources.

PETRONAS Gives Trainees ‘Real’ Experience at its Integrated Training Center

December 13, 2015

Dateline 2015-11-06, Rigzone:

Ever since its launch in March 2014, Malaysia’s national oil company Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS) has provided trainees with real-live operations of an actual plant at its Integrated Oil & Gas Training Centre (IOGTC) in Batu Rakit, Terengganu.

Located at the Institut Teknologi Petroleum PETRONAS (INSTEP), the firm’s technical training school established in 1981, IOGTC revolves around the concept of giving trainees an integrated, hands-on experience to complement classroom learning through live simulation and training.

PETRONAS is the only oil and gas firm in Asia that currently offers live simulation training facilities as part of its capability development program for technicians and operators, who will be benchmarked against global standards.

Big INSTEP forward with 579 grads — Jabu

November 8, 2015

Dateline 2015-10-04, Borneo Post:

The graduation of 579 Sarawakians from Institut Teknologi Petroleum Petronas (INSTEP), with its world-class technical education in oil and gas, is a big step forward for the state.

Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu Numpang said the way forward is to place emphasis on technical and vocational education to build up the fledgling market of expertise for the industry.

“Continue with this great effort to train more Sarawakian youths. If possible, increase the intake of students from rural areas,” said Jabu in his speech.

As an example, he added that his area Betong has 22 secondary schools which can provide a good source of Form Five school-leavers to be trained and then marketed into various industries in Malaysia or overseas.

Saturday Star 2015-03-14 – Job Opportunities

March 16, 2015

Happy Pi of the Century day.  If you missed it, you can always aim for 31-4-’15, same month as May the Forth. Buy my recommendations, or through my Amazon store. Or get the Young Turks series (all 4 books). Where are those corporate sponsors? Or throw donations at me.

  • PETRONAS Technical Training is looking for Engineering Leaders, and Executives. Email them here.
  • An associate of mine is looking for a technical safety part-time adviser. Needs to be needle sharp with respect to QRAs, and HSE safety cases. A calm demeanor to handle nonsensical questions from young engineers helps as well. Either that, or a drinking problem.
  • Hess is still looking for a measurement and allocation engineer.
  • Nothing else this week

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Petronas to Boost Training Enrollment at Instep, Unfazed by Oil Prices

March 5, 2015

Are you at Instep now? Do you have a job after?

Dateline 2014-12-12, Rigzone:

Instep training center, owned by Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas) is ramping up its student intake to 1,700, a sign of the Malaysian national oil company’s (NOC) commitment towards recruitment and training even under the current unfavorable oil price environment. Responding to a question from Rigzone, Instep CEO, Chandramohan Saminathan said Petronas has not signaled any cuts in staff training for now. Conceding however, that cost cutting measures could be implemented across the industry, Chandramohan said the bigger picture remains unclear for other oil and gas companies.


Saturday Star 2010-02-06 – Job Opportunities

February 8, 2010

Another day, another scan of The Star.

  • Institusi Teknologi Petroleum PETRONAS (INSTEP to friends) is looking for technical trainers. Nah, give out more money to independent, boutique companies like Synergy. Anyhow, they are looking for Learning Facilitator/Trainers. Send your application to
  • RasGas “The Power of the Drop” is looking for a Lead Mechanical and Pipeline Eng, Senior Integrity Eng, Senior Mech Eng, Senior Marine Eng. That’s a first, AP Recruitment is not mentioned as the local contact, could there be a falling out of favour? I believe RasGas is a JV, one of the partners being ExxonMobil.
  • ExxonMobil is looking for Technicians (I&E, Mech, Production), 2nd advert in as many weeks. Visit the site, or snail mail to Recruitment, Human Resources, Level 17, Menara ExxonMobil, 50088 KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.
  • Murphy is looking for a Prod Eng Man, Rot Eng, Snr Production Eng, Prod Tech, Maint Eng. Hey, weren’t these positions open in the Star on 2009-10-24? Apparently none of you who applied before were good enough. Throw the dice, and  apply again here.
  • SapuraCrest is looking for a mess of engineers in a full page advert. CV’s may be sent here, or here.
  • Oh, Lord. Talisman is looking for Buyers (fresh graduate encourage to apply!). Apply here, and visit their site. Jabba, you know that deal we talked about…?

Here are some photos of a typical Synergy supper at Dragon Restaurant, Miri.