O&G services companies never really recovered from 2016 downturn and prospects remain weak, says Moody’s

Dateline 2020-04-07, The Edge:

Upstream oil and gas services companies have never really recovered from the 2016 downturn, and the trend in energy transition will pose another challenge in their path towards recovery, said Moody’s Investors Service.

On top of that, prospects for the sector remain weak on the back of recent capex cuts, said Moody’s Investors Service corporate finance group associate managing director Vikas Halan.

“The pain that started back in 2016 for oilfield services companies, when oil prices started declining, has somewhat continued,” Vikas said during Moody’s Inside ASEAN Series’ Media Roundtable today.

“And the oilfield services companies never really recovered from 2016. This round of [capex] cuts is adding further [to that pain],” Vikas said.

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