Petronas lets explosives-certified robot dog off the leash

Great. Screamers, anyone? Though, putting these (and the ED-209) on normally unmanned platform, re-categorizes civilian facilities to military ones, and puts the fear of God into those pesky fish.

Dateline 2021-02-17, Upstream:

Malaysia’s national oil company Petronas has carried out a test on its offshore facilities of a canine robot that is designed to work in potentially explosive environments.

The four-legged dog-like robot from Swiss technology player ANYbotics — called an ANYmal — is designed to perform autonomous inspections in locations including oil and gas platforms.

Petronas and ANYbotics recently conducted a successful multi-week installation with the version ANYmal C on the operator’s Dulang B platform offshore Malaysia.

Intended to enter commercial use in 2022, the companies have jointly developed the Ex-certified version of ANYmal, meaning it is certified to work in potentially explosive environments.

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