Helium-filled balloons explode at fitness event in Putrajaya, 16 hurt

I put this in as a safety reminder, and a blatent example where in Malaysia, the press supports bad science and lack of fact checking. Please invite me to show you how helium can cause an enormous non-explosion.

Dateline 2019-10-12, Malay Mail:

There were anxious moments at Dataran Putrajaya this morning when helium gas inflated balloons used as props for a fitness event exploded, injuring 16 participants, including children.

Nine children and seven adults, some of whom were participants and the rest visitors, were hurt during the incident at the tail end of the Education Ministry’s 2019 National Sports Month event.

The victims, aged between four and their 30s, were rushed to the Putrajaya Hospital where some are still being treated at the Emergency and Trauma Department.

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