Malaysia’s Petronas acquires Singapore-based solar power company Amplus Energy

You know, this tells you a lot about what Malaysia’s steward of petroleum resources thinks of Malaysia’s petroleum resources. Can I tak over the job of steward, like Denethor awating the return of a king? And when you gonna open the SWEC code for RE?

Dateline 2019-04-15, Reuters:

Malaysian state-owned oil and gas firm Petronas said on Monday it had acquired a Singapore-based solar energy company as part of a strategy to move into renewable energy, chasing high-growth business to complement its mainstay operations.

The solar company, Amplus Energy Solutions Pte Ltd or M+, specialises in rooftop and ground-based solar power projects with a cumulative capacity of over 500 megawatt (MW) under operation and development. It has projects across India, the Middle East and South East Asia, according to a statement from Petronas.

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