O&G industry looks to talent and technology on stronger outlook

Dateline 2018-10-11, Malaysian Reserve:

Malaysia’s oil and gas (O&G) sector is looking to recruit and invest in new talent and technology due to improved market confidence as a result of stronger energy prices.

Monster.com Asia-Pacific and Middle East CEO Abhijeet Mukherjee said these factors have unlocked new investments and operations in large-scale O&G projects.

“This increase in activity is enabling companies to refocus on recruiting quality talent to lead and deliver value,” he told The Malaysian Reserve.

The industry, he added, is gradually shifting from dependency on manual labour to becoming data-and analytics-driven.

“We see recruitment happening in new areas such as robotics, big data and artificial intelligence as companies use technology to make working conditions more attractive, better forecast and production more economically viable.”

According to the Monster Employment Index (MEI), Malaysia’s O&G sector has witnessed positive annual growth in online recruitment since April last year.

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