Build petroleum university in Miri, says UPP man

What’s a petroleum university? A university where the labs include a fully function wellhead? And Miri is a resort city?

Dateline 2018-03-11, Borneo Post:

Being home of the first oil well in the country, Miri should have a petroleum university and an information communication technology (ICT) university built here.

Chairman of UPP Pujut branch Bruce Chai said Miri had vast human capital to support such institutions to be sited here.

“This Resort City has such great human capital with diverse fields of knowledge that have been nurtured over 100 years or so as the oil and gas centre of Malaysia.

“Our economy and business culture has always been a step ahead of most towns and cities in Malaysia because of the transfer of technology and knowledge brought about by the industry,” he said when contacted yesterday.

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