‘Revive Labuan Shipyard’ call

I remember when Labuan was where all the torch to metal action was, in addition to humourous stories about the actions of personnel stationed there.

Dateline 2017-06-29, Daily Express:

A political actvist suggested that the Government help revive Labuan shipyard and bring back its glory years when it was a leading contributor to the local economy rather than the oil and gas sector.

Lau Seng Kiat, who was an Independent candidate in the 2004 general election, said during its heydays the shipyard stood out as a regional leader with some 3,000 employees including subcontractors, vendors and others benefiting from the contractors of the company. “The oil and gas sector was not in full bloom yet.”

Sabah Shipyard as it was then called and now Labuan Shipyard & Engineering Sdn Bhd (LSE), was established in 1972 and much earlier than the Asian Supply Base (ASB). The yard has impressive state-of-the-art facilities and built 16,500 dwt palm oil/chemical tankers for MISC which were said to be the largest built in the country.

It also supplied power barges to the Philippines, Pakistan and SESB to fast track industrial development.

The yard also built cement and log carriers and tugboats.

“But due to lack of continued support the shipyard slipped from its position and was overtaken by the oil and gas boom,” said Lau.


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