Shout Out – Talk on Typical Changes Leading to Cost Overruns, Delays and Claims in Infrastructure, Oil and Gas Projects

Yeah, baby. The talk should be also labelled “maximizing your VO potential.”

This is a shout out for the IEM. My Technical Division will be  hosting a talk on the 7th April, 2016 by Mr. Kumar Arumugam. It’ll be at 5:30 pm .

Due to the complexity of infrastructure, oil and gas projects, various changes would inevitably lead to cost overruns and delays to the projects which poses significant challenge to both Client and Contractor in managing the expectation and resolution with respect to relief, cost and time impacts. Whilst change is unavoidable, the ability for the contracting parties to prepare themselves early in the project will reduce or attempt to avoid disputes is a critical success factor for the project, particularly relating to timely notice issuance, availability and keeping track of information, good record keeping and allocation of dedicated resources for contract management.

This talk is intended to provide participants with a brief awareness of key typical issues relating to changes in infrastructure/oil and gas contracts, to be able to:

  • Pro-active in setting up process to manage changes in the project;
  • Appreciate the need for good record keeping;
  • Set up framework for collection of factual data;
  • Avoid claims being barred;
  • Know when to issue notices and what information to be included;
  • Take early action to maintain control; and
  • Avoid or minimize disputes through proper contract administration.

Mr. Kumar Arumugam graduated from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in 2000 with Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (1st Class Hons). He has over 16 years industry experience; having specialized in tendering, contract management, claims and claims avoidance for the last 10 years. Kumar specializes in contract management and contractual claims and has been involved in the preparation and defense of claims on behalf of both clients and Contractors in commercial negotiation and disputes, including preparation and presentation of contracts and claims strategy to client’s senior management. Kumar has extensive experience in building, infrastructure, and oil & gas projects.

Register here or download the form here.

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