Malaysia’s Petronas set to ride another year of oil turmoi

Dateline 2016-01-05, MENAFN:

Malaysian fuel company Petronas Dagangan Bhd, the country’s top-performing stock in 2015, will focus this year on managing inventories to help cut operating costs and sustain dividend payments as it anticipates continued oil market turmoil.

Its strategy to mitigate any further decline in oil prices is similar to last year, when it slashed the number of days it holds inventory for by 30%, Managing Director Mohd Ibrahimnuddin Mohd Yunus said in a December 31 interview.

The company operates the country’s biggest network of retail stations and supplies fuel to factories, vessels and airplanes – – leaving the value of its fuel inventories vulnerable to oil price drops.

“We constantly manage our inventory at an optimal level,” Mohd Ibrahimnuddin said at his office at the Petronas twin towers in Kuala Lumpur. “At these levels, we were able to ride out crude oil prices that have dropped significantly.”

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