Sarawak boasts 47% total petroleum resources discovered in Malaysia

Dateline 2015-12-09, The Rakyat Post:

As of Jan 1, this year, 47% of the total discovered petroleum resources in Malaysia is from Sarawak.

In replying to Aidel Lariwoo (BN-Sadong Jaya), state Industrial Development assistant Minister Datuk Julaihi Narawi said based on the numbers given by Petronas, the crude oil resources is expected to last another 25 years, while natural gas will last for another 37 years.

“Currently the state government studying a strategic plan for the future development of Sarawak’s oil and gas industry but it is still ongoing and premature for me to comment at this point of time,” said Julaihi during the question and answer session of the Sarawak state legislative assembly here, today.

Julaihi also said the state has formed the Sarawak Oil and Gas Committee comprising members who have vast experience in the industry to assist the state in charting its future direction.


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