Malaysia takes advantage of falling global prices

Dateline 2014-10-30, Energy Global:

According to Business Monitor International (BMI), the Malaysian government is taking advantage of the falling global oil and fuel prices in the past month to continue its steady reduction of fuel subsidies, with a subsidy cut for RON95 petrol and diesel implemented in October.

Prices for the two fuels rose by US$ 0.06/ltr each. This is the second significant move to tackle fuel subsidies in Malaysia over the past four years; in Q4 2013, the government cut fuel subsidies by approximately US$ 0.06/ltr for the first time in more than two years, as part of its wider efforts at reducing its budget deficit.

Malaysia’s fiscal deficit of 4.5% of GDP was the second highest among Asia’s 13 emerging markets in 2012 according to an IISD report, coming second only to India. The country’s official target is to narrow its fiscal deficit to 3.0% in 2015, with hopes for a balanced budget by 2020. In addition, Malaysia’s national debt is widening. It is the second highest among Asian emerging markets after Sri Lanka, standing at a debt to GDP ratio of approximately 53.3% in 2012.

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