Safety Alert – Drowning Fatality

Finally, I glimpse a typed out statement of this incident, which means the info is in the public domain. I believe this was related to an asset associated with the letters BUG, offshore Peninsular Malaysia. Curious this never hit the local news, must be slack reporting by our local newhounds, or was there something more sinister in the works?

To quote:

On 13th Sept 2012 an Operations Technician working at a normally unmanned satellite platform in Malaysia drowned when he fell overboard. The victim was the PIC at the site where drinking water bunkering to the platform from a supporting boat was in progress.

The hose from the platform to the boat had been slug over a saddle attached to the platform main handrail. The vessel lost station when its bow thruster tripped.

The Injured Personnel fell 23m into the water when the handrail he was holding failed due to tension applied to it through the loading hose.

The IP was conscious in the water for 10-15 minutes during which efforts to rescue him were unsuccessful. Attempts to throw life rings to the IP from the platform were also unsuccessful.

Emergency response procedures were quickly implemented including dispatching an additional nearby vessel. The IP was recovered but showed no signs of life. The IP was transferred to shore and confirmed to be a fatality due to drowning.

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