ISC H Meeting 2012-12-14

Taken from the website:

Industry Standards Committees (ISC) are responsible to:

  1. Oversees an orderly and effective development of standards in specific broad sector.
  2. Oversees international standardization in specific broad sector
  3. Final approval of technical content of draft standards
  4. Coordinating all standards work undertaken by technical committees and working groups.

The following are the ISCs managed by SIRIM Berhad:

  • ISC/A-Agriculture
  • ISC/B-Chemicals and Materials
  • ISC/C-Consumer Interests
  • ISC/D-Building, Construction and Civil Engineering
  • ISC/F-Mechanical Engineering
  • ISC/G-Information Technology, Communications and Multimedia
  • ISC/H-Petroleum and Gas
  • ISC/I-Halal Standards
  • ISC/J-Plastics and Plastics Products
  • ISC/K-Packaging and Logistics
  • ISC/L-Road Vehicles
  • ISC/M-Fire Safety and Prevention
  • ISC/N-Rubber and Rubber Products
  • ISC/O-Organisational Management
  • ISC/P-Metallic Materials and Semi-Finished Products
  • ISC/Q-Textiles and Apparels
  • ISC/R-Medical Devices and Facilities for Healthcare
  • ISC/T-Tourism, Exhibition and Hospitality Services
  • ISC/U-Food, Food Products and Food Safety
  • ISC/W-Occupational Safety and Health
  • ISC/Y-Quality Management and Quality Assurance
  • ISC/Z-Environmental Management



MOGEC has representation on the ISC H.

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