Drilling Opportunity in Saudi

And another opportunity for the off-the-street-Malaysian to be a big player in a foreign oil and gas environment. More fodder for my upcoming rant, ‘why are there no local players in Malaysia’s production environment?’

Here are the brochures for:

  • Guidelines for Foreign Investors to Start a Business in the KSA
  • Local Enterprise Development Division

MATRADE Jeddah: Market Alert #5/2010


Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabian Oil Company) will drill at least 300 development wells on and offshore and 48 exploratory wells this year, an executive said.

“We are proceeding with our development and exploration program, and this year we are going to drill 48 exploration wells and 300 plus development wells”, Zuhair Al Hussain, Vice President for drilling and work-over at Saudi Aramco, told the press this week on the sidelines of an industry event.

Saudi Aramco would maintain the level of rigs it is now operates at 96, of which 17 are for exploration and the rest for development wells, Hussain said.

Decreased activity on oil last year led to a fall in the number of rigs used in the Kingdom to 104 from 130.

You can get the full Matrade notice from … Matrade, or I’ll email it to you for a fee.

One Response to Drilling Opportunity in Saudi

  1. Jabbathehutt says:

    Jabba have been drilling a many wells last year, but not oil wells……

    (wink wink)

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