Saturday Star 2009-03-07 – Job Opportunities

Another week, another scan of the Saturday Star newspaper. Here’s a list of job ads in the paper:

  • OTEC  Kemajuan, Advance Gas Turbine Solutions Sdn. Bhd and Rolls Wood OTEC are looking for people. Let’s see, OTEC is looking for field service representatives, assistant project engineers and customer support engineers, RWO is looking for assistant project engineers, and AGTS is looking for field service representatives. You’ll have to email in to OTEC, AGTS and RWO respectively.
  • Talisman is looking for a Subsea Inspections engineer.
  • Muhibbah Petrochemical Engineering is looking for electrical / planning / contracts engineer. You can send your resume in here, here, or here.

Sigh, since I have moved with Synergy out of KL, will you patronise Chee Meng in my memory? Or invite me to meetings around Bukit Bintang at lunchtime? Is he doing packet specials

2 Responses to Saturday Star 2009-03-07 – Job Opportunities

  1. firdaus says:

    Mr Razmahwata… I am currently a final year student in chemical engineering from local university and will graduate soon. I am intended to do industrial training with oil & gas company and wish to start my career as a junior engineer in oil/gas industry. So, I really hope if you can post more informations about industrial training placement or any fresh graduates opportunity in your blog. Thank you so much if you could help..

  2. Jabbathehutt says:

    I went to cheemengs.

    The green asam boi tasted a bit different. but still ok. the tauge salted fish was a bit soggy though.

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