History – Stork

As part of Synergy’s cost cutting measures, we are going through all our basement cupboards, and seeing what can be used in the new company. This is an example of the hard hats we will issue to new grunts:

History Stork

There used to be a Malaysian company called Protech that was one of the Umbrella Design Contractors (UDC, there’s a story in itself).

Now, my memory get hazy, and I wasn’t particularly interested at the time, but I believe they were bought by Stork, and the local company became Stork Protech. Eventually, Stork Protech sold the local company to Technip, and S P disappeared of the face of Malaysia.

Stork Protech does still exist, though.

Any old timers want to elaborate on this story?

And who know what other age tested equipment we’ll find? Maybe is can convert a SCBA kit to a scuba system.

5 Responses to History – Stork

  1. Jabbathehutt says:

    A bit of story here. Jabba actually was an ex-Protek guy (spelt Protek).

    It started as Protek, back in Pertama Plaza (for those that are too young, its the building opposite MARA, near Jalan TAR intersection with SOGO)

    Then it moved to Empire Tower. As time goes by Protek was taken over by Stork Comprimo. After sometime, when Jabba was there, Stork Comprimo got sold out to Ranhill Worley. Hence, the RW office in Ampang moved over and merged with the Protek-Stork-Comprimo office in Empire Tower. That’s how it happened.

    Not that many true Protek staff in RW nowadays. No one in the RW process group is from Protek legacy in RW now.

    Oh, Jabba has a coverall from Protek just to remind me of good old times.

  2. salleh says:

    Hi Jabba, you would know Nazar ex Protek, i beleive the Manager for Kemanam.

  3. Jabbathehutt says:

    yeah, I do. But i was way down the food chain then.

  4. Darth Maul says:

    You missed out Jacobs Engineering that firstly bought Stork (and got Protek as free-bie) then sold it off the Ranhill Worley a year later

  5. salleh says:

    Thanks for setting the fact correct, as you grow older tends to forget things.

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