Offshore Living – Food

As I go through my exclusive collection of photos, I am reminded that there are not many luxuries out there. One of life’s simple pleasures that your company can splurge on is food. This was taken during Ramadhan offshore, many moons ago.

Offshore buffet

There used to be barter trade between the platform folk and fisherman who were fishing nearby. For a hot meal or three, the fisherfolk would send up some of their choicest fish, to be cooked per request. To get a closer look at their catch, the platform folks would even use binoculars, as they were at 30m elevation looking down on a small 10m boat.

If you want to irritate oil and gas people who stay offshore for weeks on end, serve them bad food, lukewarm food and not enough food.

One Response to Offshore Living – Food

  1. jabbathehutt says:

    For Jabba’s slave, normally it goes on this scale;

    Irritate Jabba = No food
    Amuse Jabba = not enough food
    Jabba is happy = leftover food

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