IEM presentation write-up

On Thursday, 24th April 2008, there was a small delegation from my company who went and attended the afternoon tea talk arranged by the Oil, Gas and Mining Technical Division of the IEM, of which I am the SecTreas. The talk was entitled ‘Talk on Upsteam Activities in Oil and Gas Industry.’ The speaker was En. Meor Shahrin Mahmood, currently Manager of Domestic, South-East Asia and Australasia regions, Basin Analysis & New Ventures Department, Exploration Division, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd (PCSB), what a mouthful.

My colleague, Hui Hin, wrote up a summary of the talk. Visit her site to read the presentation notes.

4 Responses to IEM presentation write-up

  1. jabbathehutt says:

    is it my imagination, or everyone from IEM has a blog spot?

    and the link doesn’t work.

    By the way, how many rows does his title takes on the name card? mine shows:

    Jabba the Hutt
    Manager of Domestic, South East Asia and Australasia regions, Crime Analysis & New Ventures Department, Criminal Division, PENJENAYAHNAS Caribunuh Sdn Bhd (PCSB)

    What a mouthful. now I am thirsty……. Even better, we have the same shortform, PCSB

  2. Wata says:

    Jabba, link works fine. Glad to see you’re back from Tatooine. How’s the weather and Mr. Sarlacc?

  3. jabbathehutt says:

    Weather is fine. a short run through the smuggler’s route to clean out some errants.

    Looking through some HAZard and OPerability issues in my well-oiled crime business in Tatooine.

    Anyway, links work now. Must be the site being updated, etc… my bad.

    How come you get to work with nice colleague, while I work with seedy characters…..

    Oh well, let me get back to cracking my whip on my colleagues again (psychologist tells me to call them colleague to give them a sense of belonging… but I still need to crack the whip, and starve them a day of two)

  4. Sith Lord says:

    Quote from Jabba, “is it my imagination of does everyone from IEM has a blog spot?”

    No its not your imagination. They have to publicise that they went for the talk so that they can get their CPD points in order to maintain membership in IEM.

    Use lightsaber instead of whips, it hurts more and cauterises the wound so they don’t take MC.

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