Prioritising safety of fisherman around offshore platforms

June 25, 2017

Dateline 2017-05-27, The Star:

The Sahabat Maritim programme is an efficient platform for oil-and-gas companies and enforcement agencies to engage with fishermen on safety around offshore platforms.

Repsol Oil and Gas Malaysia Ltd stakeholder relations manager Farid Jaafar said the programme was a collaborative effort between Petronas, the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) and oil-and-gas companies.

“I think Sahabat Maritim is an excellent initiative. In the past we used to do things separately. It makes more sense to collaborate as we all work in the same area, namely offshore in the South China Sea.

“The Sahabat Maritim programme allows us all to collaborate and jointly engage the fishing community. It makes it more efficient,” he said at a media briefing on Repsol’s projects here yesterday.