Petronas announces end of SRT MotoGP title sponsorship

Aright, Formula E is coming to Malaysia. PETRONAS, where do I sign up? And have you heard of this thing called ChemECar competition. Send me a blank check, er, call me up so we can talk about competitions taking into account UNSDG.

And to paraphrase the philosophy of an Islamic Hadith, if you take away a good thing, replace it with something equally good or better.

Dateline 2021-08-14, Autosport:

On Thursday night it was revealed that Petronas would end its support for SRT in the MotoGP world championship at the end of the current season, just three years into the squad’s career in the premier class.

The support will also end for the Petronas Sprinta Moto2 and Moto3 teams, with both outfits expected to be folded by SRT at the end of the year to safeguard the MotoGP project.

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