Malaysia: Potential Future Gas Shortfall Should Spur Investment

Didn’t we have gas shortfalls in the late 90s?

Dateline 2019-06-25, Maritime Executive:

Malaysia offers some of the most material and attractive upstream investment opportunities in Southeast Asia, primarily due to the need for additional gas supply.

According to research by natural resources consultancy Wood Mackenzie, the multiple breakdowns in the Sabah-Sarawak gas pipeline and a delayed final investment decision (FID) on the large Kasawari offshore gas project have resulted in short-term supply crunch to the Bintulu MLNG plant. This supply shortage is expected to continue though to at least 2025, when major new fields are likely to be brought onstream. These include Jerun, Timi, Rosmari, Marjoram and Kasawari.

“This is a golden opportunity for upstream players to swiftly bring gas onstream and jump ahead of the queue: either in the form of increasing existing production, or by developing smaller discoveries to tie into existing infrastructure. But speed is the key,” said upstream research director Angus Rodger.

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